Monday, October 22, 2012

1940s tilt hat, from sad to Oo-La-La!

I recently found a 1940s tilt fuchsia hat just tossed in a corner at an antique shop. I took a close look to see if it would be a candidate for placement in  The Vintage Hat Shop.

I could see that it had good "bones" and a unique structure. Actually, I knew with a bit of work it could be a treasure!
I put it on my mannequin, Jo, for a good look--

  I never like to remove vintage veils but sometimes they just aren't repairable or attractive. Removal is the only option. So I got out my trusty seam-ripper and with the utmost care removed the velvet dotted veil.

The result is a striking tilt--a 1940s classic hat. The matching hat pin hardly was visible before, now it is the centerpiece of the forward toy tilt. 

Placed on the head at a jaunty tilt, the vintage hat exudes drama, elegance and a touch of class!

1940s fuchsia tilt

  Now I would say that is a hat with a load of  Oo-La-La!  Wouldn't you?!

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