Monday, December 3, 2012

Loretta Young, Lilly Dache' and The Vintage Hat Shop

Recently hats from The Vintage Hat Shop were purchased by the Loretta Young family to be used at the 100th Anniversary Exhibit to be held at the Hollywood Museum! 'Twas a big deal for this Loretta Young fan!

It seems that Loretta Young was such a big fan of Lilly Dache' that it is rumored that she purchased every hat in the shop when Lilly announced her retirement. Since Lilly was a favorite of Loretta's, one of the hats purchased for display was a Dachette.

An article about Lilly Dache', also furnished by The Vintage Hat Shop, will be on display, too.

The other hat chosen for display was a 1960s breton by Bonta. Another classic 1960s style hat.

The display will be on exhibit from December through April at the Hollywood Museum in LA.

 I have been encouraged to attend the exhibit.  Hmmmm, there may be a California trip in the future for The Vintage Hat Shop! 

I'll keep you posted.


  1. How exciting. I used to watch the Loretta Young Theater on TV when I was young. I loved her. I thought she was the epitome of glamour.


  2. Can you identify any hats of Ms. Young's made by Kate Scholl? Kate had a millenary/hat shot in LA are in maybe '20s, '30s, '40s. She was my great aunt. Thanks.