Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ending summer the vintage way.

A perfect ending to a vintage summer--- a wide brimmed Kutz straw hat with a 1968 Good Housekeeping magazine, a sunny day at the beach and you are all set!

Take a look at the articles offered in 1968-
-Joyce Brothers, "Fighting the Fears that Riots Breed"

-Great Informal Outdoor Dinners

-Bob Hope, John Lindsay, Hugh Downs and Others, Describe "The Day I Was Proudest of My Wife"'

-Humphrey & McCarthy:Campaign Ordeals Faced By the Families

-What To Know About Beauty Parlors

I would say that this that would be a fascinating historical read.  Maybe a few smiles-especially when you see the young fashion classics and some of the advertisements!

If you would like this magazine, let me know. I will be sending it to one of my readers. 

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