Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage Hat Fool and a Summer's Day

Can you think of anyone foolish enough to leave an air conditioned house on a 95 degree day to drive an hour to look at vintage hats?! Yes, that would have been me. I could have been at the beach like this young gal.

Atlantic City Beach

But I had such a great time! I found hats from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s! I had to try on every hat of course. So by the time I left The Flower Bin Antique Shop I was a bit disheveled,  I had hat hair, I was dripping wet, and I was smiling ear to ear! No complaints here.

Hats are all inventoried and now it is time for a bit of cleaning and repair. Then on to photographing and listing. Soon, very soon. 

 Take  a look at other women enjoying their summer day!

Bathing Beauties at Jetties Beach, c. 1900s

Women in bathing suits on Collaroy Beach, 1908,  photographed by Colin Caird

Mina Tucker, Marie McKenna and Marjorie Ramsey displaying beach fashions at Southport, 1938

Harold Kantner Special Collection Photo [Photo]

W.A.A.C's bathing on the coast somewhere in France

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