Sunday, September 22, 2013

1940s Sister Hats, a Gage and a New York Creation!

Every once in awhile some hats will come to The Vintage Hat Shop and you just know there is a story behind their eye catching appearance. Both of these 1940s black felt hats were acquired from the same person. Don't they just tell you something about the kind of gal that would own 1940s hats?  The black "loopy" hat is a Gage and the tilt is a New York Creation. These weren't her mother's hats, she had an elegantly dramatic look all her own! Sophisticated and alluring-- you bet!

I would say this young woman loved 1940s hats and  was very classy and stylish, wouldn't you? Oh, how I wish I'd known her!
Both styles coming to The Vintage Hat Shop soon.

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