Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mae West gets an apology from The Vintage Hat Shop

Dear Mae West--
Sorry!!! Boy, did The Vintage Hat Shop goof. In the original post I misidentified Mae West  as Glenda Farrell. What was I thinking?!

My error was kindly pointed out to me by Mae West NYC. Thank  you.  If you are a Mae West fan you should check out her site.  What a tribute.

So to try and redeem myself I will post photos that I really really believe are of Mae--- wearing a hat, of course!

1 comment:

  1. When I'm good, I wear a small hat (a beret, a scotty, a juliette, or a doll hat). But when I'm bad, I'm far better and that's when you will find me going boldly forth in a Breton bowler or rocking a handmade charro.

    I enjoyed my visit to The Vintage Hat Shop. And it was nice of you to take the time to make a correction. Come up sometime . . . . . . I could use another hat, sweetheart.