Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vintage 1920s cloche hat

Portrait of mother and child, possibly of the surname 'Gordon'

Cloche: close fitting hat, bell shape, popular in the 1920s

Let's take a look at some of the cloches that were in style in the 20s. You're going to love them!
(I am just learning how to import photos. It is a practice in patience. Please bear with me!)

Cloche Hats from the 1920's Dutch Consul-General Teppema, Madame Teppema and Rear-Admiral C C Kayser on board HNLMS JAVA, 10 October 1930 Louise Carbasse ca. 1913 / photographed by Rudolph BuchnerNelle B. Stulle (LOC)

Portrait of unidentified lady


  1. Hello Cindy!
    I just wanted to tell you how I like reading your blog, I also have an Etsy vintage shop called Dear Golden. I really love 30s hats, and I especially love tilt/toy hats - you have some very nice ones in your shop!

    My husband and I will be up north, in Suttons Bay next week (we love downstate), are you near there? I would love to come see all your hats!


    1. Lauren-
      Yes, would enjoy getting together with you. Have emailed you details.