Thursday, July 12, 2012

1931 Chevy and a brown cloche

I bought the January 24, 1931 issue of The Literary Digest specifically for the Chevy advertisements. Yes, my guy is a Chevy man. The photo of The Chevrolet Standard Sedan is such a classic!

But when I looked carefully I saw some advertisements that  match perfectly with some vintage hats currently listed in The Vintage Hat Shop.  

Look at the women getting out of the car. That brown cloche is perfect! It reminded me of the 30s cloche that I recently offered for sale in the shop.

The little guy running toward the car has such motion. And what about the man holding the suitcases-- wearing a striped vest! This simple picture tells a whole story.

I don't know if you can read the fine print that tells the prices of the cars--- Roadster $475; Sport Roadster (with rumble seat) $495;  Phaeton $510;  Coach, $545; Sport Coupe (with rumble seat) $575; Coach, $545; Standard Five-Window Coupe, $545.

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